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What is Impact Alexandria?
In 2003, Tastefully Simple created “Impact Alexandria” to bring inspirational speakers, renowned business leaders and best-selling authors to Alexandria, Minnesota. Thanks to partnership with local business sponsors, this annual event has become a powerful opportunity to inspire, unite and educate people of all ages and backgrounds – and create a bigger and brighter future for our entire community.

About Ivan Joseph
Ivan Joseph, 2006 NAIA National Coach of The Year, currently serves as director of athletics at Ryerson University’s Athletics and Recreation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Using his philosophy that “it takes self-confidence to get things done,” he led a collegiate soccer team from a losing record to a national championship in five years. As a motivational speaker, he shares research-based strategies to develop self-confidence in oneself and others.

During his Impact Alexandria address, he will identify the attributes of self-confident people, offer techniques for self-talk and self-affirmation and discuss how failure can be used as a tool for personal development.

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